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Match of the Day also know as MOTD is a very popular football (soccer) highlight and analysis tv programme in the UK and around the world. It is usually broadcasted on BBC One Channel on Saturday and Sunday. The highlights typically feature Barclays Premier League matches, including the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Outstandingly, the first episode was on air since 1965 and the show has been and is still among the best. A related show is called Match of the Day 2 and it usually shows the highlights and analysis of Sunday matches.

Who are we, Watch Match Day?

We call ourselves WatchMatchDay in the reference to the our obsession of show Match of the Day. Our team members consist of multiple football fanatics from all around the world, including Thailand, USA and many more countries. The craze and the infatuation of our favorite football clubs lead us to make this website to show the world how much we love the Premier League and share with you guys the same happiness.

God give gifts to everyone but that means nothing. It’s what you make of them that counts.

Ronaldinho Match of the Day

What we do is to provide Match of the Day

Besides making everyone happy, we work very hard every day to bring you the most joyful videos, photos and news about highlights and full football matches as well as every episode of Match of the Day show in HD quality and in a timely manner. Live scores and competition tables can also be found on our site. Furthermore, here is a list of a part of the competitions that will appear on our website besides Match of the Day:

By the way, this is not the full list, but hopefully it will give you some ideas about what our website is about. Undoubtedly, we will add as many more matches as we can in the future.

Not only we will share these football video clips, but we are open for you to share them with us by simply commenting and interating freely on our special comment sections at the bottom of each article. We came up with this idea since we often enjoyed browsing Reddit’s r/soccer and r/reddevils, etc.

Barclays Premier League Match of the Day
Barclays Premier League
UEFA Champions League Match of the Day
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League Match of the Day
UEFA Europa League
Serie A Match of the Day
Seire A
La Liga Match of the Day
La Liga
Ligue 1 Match of the Day
Ligue 1
Bundesliga Match of the Day

Our vision about Match of the Day

Not many sites have football videos that are in good quality and in English commentary. We strive to provide wonderful one-stop service, a gigantic house for your most unforgettable football experience. These include the followings:

  • HD quality videos
  • Fast and reliable news
  • Detailed commentaries
  • Up-to-date live scores and competition standings
  • Actions-packed images
  • Largest hub and collection of football matches
  • Bringing together fans from around the world
  • Accepting any constructive comments from users
  • Showing feeds from all kinds of social media such as Twitter and Reddit
4K Ultra HD Match of the Day
4K Ultra HD Videos

What they say about us (Testimonials)

Many football fans around the world love having us and love coming back to us. Let’s hear what they want to say about WatchMatchDay in their own opinions.

Match of the Day Testimonial

WatchMatchDay is the best place to find football highlights and Match of the Day videos. Love it!

James McFin

Arsenal fan

Watch Match of the Day Testimonial

I really like to watch Match of the Day Online and this place is perfect for my weekend hobby.

Michael Josh

Manchester United fan

Watch Match of the Day Online Portrait

Liverpool has always been my number one priority for my weekend and I couldn’t find any HD highlights videos anywhere on the internet like WatchMatchDay. Oh, did I tell you that I really enjoy their Match of the Day videos as well?

Gordon Radclaw

Liverpool fan

WatchMatchDay Online and Social Media

Nowadays, we can’t argue that social media is very important to our lives. Some would say it is vital. You can see an example below about what people are saying about Match of the Day.

That is why we WatchMatchDay intend to make Twitter and Facebook pages for our fans to follow. Don’t forget to subscribe to our:

Conclusion about Match of the Day

Thank you so much for visiting Watch Match Day and we hope you will enjoy watching Match of the Day online anytime anywhere on your mobile or on your PC. We promise to keep working hard and will never let you down. Football highlights and full matches are always the most significant aspects of our lives and we tend to remind ourselves that fact all the time.

Good luck! Cheers!

Thank you Watch Match